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The Wizards Cover

The Wizards published 18th November 2016 in New York City. The World Chess Championship (WC) has always been a great intellectual extravaganza. In the process of exploring the WCs and the two players, we try to decipher the lives of these "Wizards" - their family support, their seconds, their upbringing, their spiritual coefficient, their intelligence, their intuition and most of all their persona in the process. What does it take to be a champion? What are the common traits? What is the role of support systems? How can the common man be a world beater? Through the narrative of two distinct authors in different generations and geographies, these questions are answered in a natural yet cogent manner that appeals to the common man even without any knowledge of chess. It's meant to educate and motivate in equal measure. Foreword by Henrik Carlsen. Visit The Wizards on Facebook HERE

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